A Secret Birthright | [artist]Yu Kohaku [original novel]Olivia Gates | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Gwen is a single mother who discovers that her young son has a serious medical condition. The only surgeon in the world capable of helping her son is Fareed, Sheik of the Jizan Kingdom. Upon visiting him, she is surprised by his willingness to help. After a successful surgery, Fareed gradually demonstrates his love toward Gwen as they spend time together, and their relationship shifts from platonic to physical. Fareed's heart is scorched with his desire for Gwen, and he pursues her with great intensity. She responds by offering herself to him night after night, and there is no doubt that Gwen loves Fareed with all her heart, but there's something that's she's hiding from him...(c)YU KOHAKU/OLIVIA GATES