[Bundle] Handsome Heroes Selection Vol.3 | [artist]Earithen : Kanako Uesugi : Yoshiko Hanatsu [original novel]Helen Bianchin : Cathy Williams : Ally Blake | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : The Andreou Marriage Arrangement, At the Greek Tycoon's Bidding, and Millionaire to the Rescue.In order to pay back her late father's debts, Alesha must marry the famous shipping magnate Loukas. Living up to his regal name, he sports an exquisite physique and jet-black eyes, and gazes hungrily at his newly purchased bride like he's stripping off her clothes, layer by layer. His indecent stare rekindles in Alesha's mind a past she'd much rather forget: memories of lovemaking that felt like rape, and being abused like some plaything. She will never be able to tell Loukas that the bride he's bought won't be able to give him the passion he wants in bed...(c)EARITHEN/HELEN BIANCCHIN(c)KANAKO UESUGI/CATHY WILLIAMS(c)YOSHIKO HANATSU/ALLY BLAKE