[Bundle] Artist:Emiko Inoue Best Selection Vol.1 | [artist]Emiko Inoue [original novel]Penny Jordan : Emilie Rose | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : A Secret Disgrace, The Playboy's Passionate Pursuit, and The Prince's Ultimate Deception.Louise comes back to her homeland of Sicily after ten years in order to bury the ashes of her departed grandparents. But to do this, she must gain permission from Caesar, the Duke of Falconari...Upon meeting him, she instinctively wants to run from him. In the past, she spent a single, dreamlike night with him before being cruelly discarded. But however much he hurt her then, his air of maturity and dignity tears at her heart again. As she trembles, he turns his dark eyes to her, his gaze seeming to pierce through her as he says, "I know you've given birth to my son."(c)PENNY JORDAN/EMIKO INOUE(c)EMILIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM/EMIKO INOUE(c)EMILLIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM/EMIKO INOUE