[Bundle] Artist:Satoru Nagasawa Best Selection Vol.2 | [artist]Satoru Nagasawa [original novel]Sara Craven : Sandra Marton : Emilie Rose | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : MISTRESS AT A PRICE, THE SHEIKH'S REBELLIOUS MISTRESS, and Paying the Playboy's Price.Cat can't wait to leave this wedding ceremony. Her divorced parents have come with their respective young partners, and the wedding vows the bride and groom exchange sound empty to her. Out of boredom, she escapes to sit by the lake, where she meets an attractive man, and she decides to sleep with the handsome stranger. She's always been happy with one-night stands, never wanting to learn more about the person she is sleeping with. But when it comes to this man, she finds one night isn't enough and so she makes a bold proposal...(c)SARA CRAVEN/SATORU NAGASAWA(c)SANDRA MARTON/SATORU NAGASAWA(c)EMILIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM/SATORU NAGASAWA