[Bundle] Popular Artist Selection vol.2 | [artist]Tomoko Takakura : Sara Nakayama : Junko Tamura [original novel]Alaina Hawthorne : Miranda Lee | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Make-Believe Bride, The Playboy's Proposition, and THE GUARDIAN'S FORBIDDEN MISTRESS.Amber has a crush on her boss, Bradley, the wealthy son of a family who owns an oil company. He seems so far above her and they haven't even spoken once, but for Amber it was love at first sight. One day there's an emergency and Bradley asks Amber to drive him to the hospital. His grandmother, the chairman of the board, is in critical condition. Amber waits for him in the hospital corridor, and when he emerges from the ICU his face is pale, and he asks her, "For my grandmother's sake, will you be my fiancee?"(c)ALAINA W. RICHARDSON/TOMOKO TAKAKURA(c)MIRANDA LEE/SARA NAKAYAMA(c)MIRANDA LEE/JUNKO TAMURA