[Bundle] Lesson for Love vol.2 | [artist]Mao Karino : Kasumi Kuroda [original novel]Judith Mcwilliams : Audra Adams | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :"Practice Husband" and "RICH GIRL, BAD BOY".Addy has zero relationship experience, but decides she wants to get married. Her inferiority complex keeps her from being confident about herself, until she receives a letter from an old friend, Joe, the kind boy who always helped her. He would be just the one to help her find her perfect husband and start a happy family! Joe is now a CEO, who accepts the request to act as a sounding board for his now beautiful childhood friend. Addy dines out, goes to the movies and kisses the always strong-willed and now majestic and alluring Joe...Is love next?(c)MAO KARINO/JUDITH MCWILLIAMS(c)KASUMI KURODA/MARIE D. TRACY