[Bundle] Matchmaking Love Selection Vol.2 | [artist]Towa Isesaki : Hiroko Fujimaru : Megumi Toda [original novel]Laura Wright : Judith Mcwilliams : Sandra Marton | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Hearts Are Wild, THE MATCHMAKING MACHINE, and THE ITALIAN PRINCE'S PREGNANT BRIDE.Maggie's in a bit of trouble. She's soon going to be opening a new business-a matching service. But she's having a lot of difficulty acquiring male clients. Her mind is full of worries when a charming young man, Nick, approaches her and tells her that, as of today, he's her roommate. Apparently, her grandmother had arbitrarily signed a rental agreement with him. Maggie, flustered, agrees but only on one condition: Nick helps with her matchmaking service by becoming her first successful male client. However, the more pressing issue here should be: can she live alone with Nick?(c)TOWA ISESAKI/LAURA WRIGHT(c)HIROKO FUJIMARU/JUDITH MCWILLIAMS(c)MEGUMI TODA/SANDRA MYLES