[Bundle] High Review Selection Vol.3 | [artist]Satomi Tsuya : Yu Kohaku : Min Kyuka [original novel]Gail Ranstrom : Jodi Dawson : Leandra Logan | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : A CHRISTMAS SECRET, ASSIGNMENT: MARRIAGE, and Just for the Night.Charity is a bundle of nerves at her friend's Christmas engagement festivities. A friend who has approached her in the past will likely take this opportunity to propose...and she accidentally eavesdrops on a conversation revealing the groom-to-be's illegitimate love child! Oh, no! She must tell her friend at once! But before she can, the groom Edward's best friend appears and puts a stop to her meddling. How can she stay silent and watch her friend become miserable? It's a story of love, lies, secrets and the creation of a meddlesome Christmas angel. Enjoy this spin-off of "Saving Sarah".(c)SATOMI TSUYA/GAIL RANSTROM(c)YU KOHAKU/JODI DAWSON(c)MIN KYUKA/MARY SCHULTZ