[Bundle] Amanda Browning Best Selection Vol.1 | [artist]Esu Chihara : Motoko Mori : Hiromi Kobayashi [original novel]Amanda Browning | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : A HUSBAND FOR THE TAKING, TRAIL OF LOVE, and The Billionaire's Defiant Wife.One night Natasha is called and told her twin sister, Natalia, and Natalia's boyfriend, Chase, have been involved in a car accident. Natasha rushes to the hospital to find that her sister has received little more than a scratch. Chase on the other hand is in serious condition. Natalia, who was only using Chase for his money and status, leaves him, believing he will be crippled for life. Not wanting Chase to be hurt any more than he already is, Natasha assumes her sister's identity to continue the relationship. How far will Natasha go-and will Chase find out?(c)ESU CHIHARA/AMANDA BROWNING(c)MOTOKO MORI/AMANDA BROWNING(c)HIROMI KOBAYASHI/AMANDA BROWNING