[Bundle] Boss Hero Selection vol.3 | [artist]Yoko Iwasaki : Jun Makimura : Hitomi Tsukise [original novel]Helen Brooks : Kathryn Ross : Jessica Steele | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :"THE BILLIONAIRE BOSS'S SECRETARY BRIDE","MEDITERRANEAN BOSS, CONVENIENT MISTRESS" and "THE BOSS AND HIS SECRETARY".Gina Leighton is liked by all of her coworkers, but it's the love of her boss, Harry Breedon, that she craves more than anything. The unrequited love has driven her to move away to England, but Harry has decided to drive her to dinner before she goes. A box of puppies on the side of the road may sideline their plans for the night but bring their lives crashing together in unexpected ways. Will Harry realize he's the one who droveGina away before it's too late?(c)YOKO IWASAKI/HELEN BROOKS(c)JUN MAKIMURA/KATHRYN ROSS(c)HITOMI TSUKISE/JESSICA STEELE