[Bundle] Boss Hero Selection vol.1 | [artist]Tomoko Sato : Kyoko Fumizuki : Eve Takigawa [original novel]Trish Morey : Jessica Hart | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :"THE BOSS'S CHRISTMAS BABY","HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS" and "Outback Boss, City Bride".When Morgan has to make it to her friend's wedding overseas, she makes a deal with her twin sister, Tegan. "Tiggy" will become her sister and cover for her at work, temporarily filling in as secretary for George Huntley. But while Morgan's chasing love overseas, Tiggy's finding herself falling for her boss. Can their relationship flourish when it's based on a case of mistaken identity? When her sister ends up in the hospital, Tiggy might find out that she's been promoted to a permanent position...as a mother!(c)TOMOKO SATOH/TRISH MOREY(c)KYOKO FUMIZUKI/JESSICA HART(c)EVE TAKIGAWA/JESSICA HART