[Bundle] Greek Hero Selection vol.4 | [artist]Hiroko Fukuhara : Fusako Wazumi : Motoko Mori [original novel]Kate Walker : Annie West : Julia James | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :"BEDDED BY THE GREEK BILLIONAIRE","THE GREEK TYCOON'S UNEXPECTED WIFE" and"The Greek's Ultimate Revenge".Jessica is shocked to find a surprise guest in attendance at her stepfather's funeral-what could Angelos be doing here? He was her first love back when she was just a naive little girl... but seven years later, Angelos, now a suave entrepreneur, has some news that will change Jessica's world forever. He claims that the inheritance left to Jessica by her stepfather is actually his. Her stepfather gave Angelos everything to pay off his gambling debts. Now Angelos has an interesting proposition for the penniless Jessica!(c)HIROKO FUKUHARA/KATE WALKER(c)FUSAKO WAZUMI/ANNIE WEST(c)MOTOKO MORI/JULIA JAMES