[Bundle] Blonde Heroine Selection vol.1 | [artist]Yoko Iwasaki : Nanao Hidaka [original novel]Leslie Kelly : Robyn Donald : Linda Howard | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :"INTO THE FIRE","INNOCENT MISTRESS, ROYAL WIFE" and"A Game of Chance".Tired of the boring company party, popular women's magazine columnist Lacey sneaks out to the pool, where she finds a stylish and sexy man. They both abandon themselves to passion on the spot...until Lacey finds out the man is actually Nate, a rival columnist for a men's magazine! How will she ever live down sleeping with this chauvinistic pig? She's supposed to be the champion of feminism! To make matters worse, Lacey's also forced to go head-to-head against Nate in her column! Who will win this battle of the sexes? What will triumph, sex or love? And what will become of the spark they started that night...?(c)YOKO IWASAKI/LESLIE KELLY(c)YOKO IWASAKI/ROBYN DONALD(c)NANAO HIDAKA/LINDA HOWINGTON