A Throne for the Taking | [artist]Yu Senke [original novel]Kate Walker | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Ria, the daughter of a duke, goes to London to make a plea on behalf of her country of Mecjoria. Her mission is to convince her childhood friend Alexei, who was exiled ten years before, to return to their homeland-as its new king! But Alexei, having made a success of himself as a business tycoon in a faraway land, responds to her proposal with a cold, flat refusal. It's little wonder; Ria's father was responsible for his exile in the first place. But Ria won't give up that easily. If Alexei isn't crowned king, she'll be forced to marry Ivan, a man she loathes, for political purposes...and that's only the beginning of the tragedy in store for her if she can't convince Alexei!(c)YU SENKE/KATE WALKER