The Secret Love Contract | Rino Shinjou | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Hazuki's considering quitting her job as a nurse and working in a brothel to pay off the debt her ex left her with. One day, the handsome Dr. Miyamoto happens to see her checking out some job listings! When he learns about her plan, he says that he'll buy her instead......!! Hazuki ends up getting $9,000 a month in return for her body, and the two of them secretly get busy, even in empty hospital rooms! While a little hesitant at first, Hazuki starts to long for Dr. Miyamoto's caresses. Even after they're done fooling around, he's gentle and loving, and she almost forgets their relationship's built on money. Could she actually have fallen in love with him......? Get ready for a thrilling and very naughty romance!