Secrets of Castillo Del Arco | [artist]Naomi Watanabe [original novel]Trish Morey | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Gabriella was raised in a sheltered home and knows nothing of the world. After her grandfather, her last living relative, passes away, she reunites with Raoul, her first love, whom she hasn't seen in over twelve years. Even though she doesn't expect him to remember the promise he made to her when they were children-to marry her when they got older-he tells Gabriella that he will stay with her through these tough times. He takes her with him to Venice, and they spend dreamy days together. However, there are things she doesn't know about him. Behind that gentle exterior lies the promise he made to her grandfather...and a quest for revenge!(c)NAOMI WATANABE/TRISH MOREY