[Bundle] Michelle Reid Best Selection Vol.3 | [artist]Kako Ito : Sayuri Nagasaki : Marito Ai [original novel]Michelle Reid | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains: The Marriage Surrender, The Passion Bargain, and Eye of HeavenXandro is the CEO of an Italian bank, and Joanna, a waitress. They fell in love, but at the peak of their happiness, because of her, their marriage suddenly turned into a living hell. Even though she loved her husband deeply, she couldn't let him touch her, no matter what. Before he could find out the reason why, Joanna decided it would be better to end the marriage, and took off. However, after their first meeting in over three years, the daunting secret that tore their marriage apart finally comes to light...(c)KAKO ITO/MICHELLE REID(c)SAYURI NAGASAKI/MICHELLE REID(c)MARITO AI/MICHELLE REID