[Bundle] Lucy Gordon Best Selection Vol.5 | [artist]Keiko Okamoto : Masako Ogimaru : Mito Orihara [original novel]Lucy Gordon | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains: Miss Prim and the Billionaire, Rico's Secret Child, and For the Love of EmmaYears ago, Cassie discovered that she had been played and betrayed by her boyfriend, the second son of the billionaire Falcon family who once became close to her by acting as if he were poor. When they finally reunite as magnate and his assistant, Cassie has already changed and Marcel doesn't seem to recognize her. Unlike her glamorous modeling past, she is now a stern-looking office worker with glasses and pulled-back hair. But toward the Marcel whom she once loved, she isn't so sure she wants to pretend as if nothing happened...(c)KEIKO OKAMOTO/LUCY GORDON(c)MASAKO OGIMARU/LUCY GORDON(c)MITO ORIHARA/LUCY GORDON