In Mcgillivray's Bed | [artist]Yuki Fujine [original novel]Anne Mcallister | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Sydney, a top executive at her father's communications company, has made more than her fair share of contributions to it-but her strict father wants even more from her. He arranges a marriage for her without her permission, insisting it's for the good of the company. With her dream of getting married for love, she just can't accept her father's will, so upon hearing the announcement of her forced engagement on a cruise ship, she flees by jumping into the ocean. Luckily she's saved by Hugh, a carefree and mysterious man. Could he be the one who'll free her from her father's bondage? Unfortunately, Hugh doesn't seem all that accepting of her. What's the secret from his past that consistently brings him to reject Sydney?(c)YUKI FUJINE/BARBARA SCHENCK