[Bundle] Carole Mortimer Best Slection Vol. 5 | [artist]Nasuno Amano : Mirai Takadono : Riho Sachimi [original novel]Carole Mortimer | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains: AT THE SICILIAN COUNT'S COMMAND , and HEAVENLY ANGELS and THE INNOCENT VIRGINWhen Angelica Harper learns that her biological father, Stephen, has fallen ill, she moves in to take care of him during the weekends and to connect with her long lost father. One day, she meets Count Carlo "Wolf" Gambrelli, a business partner of her father's, but he gets the wrong impression of her and assumes Angelica is a gold digger. In order to ascertain Angel's motives, Carlo begins spending time with her, and soon they become attracted to each other. But misunderstandings and an old Gabrelli family curse may still get in the way of their love...(c)NASUNO AMANO/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)MIRAI KATADONO/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)RIHO SACHIMI/CAROLE MORTIMER