A Young Lady Dressed Like a Man -How Much for My Virginity...?- | Sauro : uroco | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
"I want to see the moment when a young lady dressed like a man becomes a woman." She's licked and touched and forced to orally pleasure a man until she's dripping wet... What's happening? She's never felt this way before......! As a child, Ichiko was made to take over her sick older brother's identity, and live as a "man". Then one day, she's suddenly told to be a woman again and marry the man who will pay back their family debt. When she evades him, the man says he'll spare her from marriage and give her checks of money, as long as she "performs" for him. With every lewd "performance" she's forced to put on, Ichiko is made more into a woman, but to what end...!?