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Who would expect to get sexually harrassed during some boring part-time job!? That's exactly what happens when yours truly (said part-timer Haruka Akizuki) gets sent to a famous writer's estate to pick up his latest work. The guy, a bigwig in the field and sporting the face of a real player (must get laid all the time!) tells me it's not ready. I'm freaking out, trying to get him to write, when he says, "I want a treat when I'm done." Did I hear that right?? And what's this thrill I'm getting, being tied up and... Was that MY voice...!? A dude's never done that to me before! The hell's going on with me...!? These are a part-timer's hard days at the mercy of an eccentric novelist! It's a sadistic, erotic love story from Azumi Kana!