[Bundle] Carole Mortimer Best Selection Vol.2 | [artist]Akemi Maki : Yuri Takagi : Ryohko Misato : Junko Murata [original novel]Carole Mortimer | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Collect one of Harlequin's bestselling authors, Carole Mortime Best Selection Vol.2! This content includes: "Claiming His Christmas Bride", "Pregnant With the Billionaire's Baby", "Captive Loving", "The Master's Mistress".Molly is depressed. Her brother and his wife have invited her to spend the Christmas holiday with them, but when she arrives at their home, she learns she will also be spending it with the last man she ever wanted to see, Gideon. They had met three years ago, a chance encounter at the house of Gideon's brother. Seeing Molly in a disgraceful mess, Gideon assumed she was his brother's mistress, and he's hated her ever since. Completely unaware of their history, Molly's brother and sister-in-law try to play cupid to the two of them. All Molly can do is sigh.(c)AKEMI MAKI/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)YURI TAKAGI/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)RYOHKO MISATO/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)JUNKO MURATA/CAROLE MORTIMER