[Bundle] Kim Lawrence Best Selection Vol.2 | [artist]Keiko Kishimoto : Yoriko Minato : Haruhi Sakura [original novel]Kim Lawrence | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Collects: Gianni's Pride,The Sheikh's Impatient Virgin, and Pregnant by the Greek TycoonAn odd, perfectly timed string of events brings together two lovelorn people: Miranda Easton and Gianni Fitzgerald. In a shared country cottage, these two strangers battle their inner emotions, while seeking solace in the arms of the other. Fate has brought about this chance meeting of these two emotionally battered individuals, but was it all just so it could end with them being nothing more than star-crossed lovers?(c)KEIKO KISHIMOTO/KIM LAWRENCE(c)YORIKO MINATO/KIM LAWRENCE(c)HARUHI SAKURA/KIM LAWRENCE