[Bundle] Bachelor Brothers | [artist]Yoko Hanabusa [original novel]Carole Mortimer | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Collects: To Woo a Wife,TO BE A HUSBAND , and TO BE A BRIDEGROOMBusinessman Jarrett travels to Canada in order to secure the purchase of a business. There he meets his newly married friend and his wife, and agrees to join them for dinner. He is introduced to a former model, Abbie. Jarrett falls in love at first sight, but her suspicious behavior leads him to assume she is a high-class escort. But her true identity is even more surprising!(c)YOKO HANABUSA/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)YOKO HANABUSA/CAROLE MORTIMER(c)YOKO HANABUSA/CAROLE MORTIMER