[With Bonus Episode !] Shotgun Bridegroom | [artist]Kazumi Tojo [original novel]Day Leclaire | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
[With Bonus Episode !] Including 4 special pages of additional story. The infamous Sam, descendant of pirates and the "town outlaw," is back on the island. Seven years earlier, he'd been seeing Annie, a well-to-do girl admired by all the townspeople. However, Annie's father was against her relationship with Sam because of their different social status. So Annie and Sam agreed to elope, but on the night they were supposed to leave, she never showed up at their meeting place. Annie's sure that Sam-now a successful financial genius-is back for revenge. Her reason for not eloping involves the secret of her birth, a secret she's never told anyone...(c)KAZUMI TOJO/DAY TOTTON SMITH