[Bundle] Passionate Lovers Seriese | [artist]Keiko Kishimoto [original novel]Jane Porter | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Collect Passionate Lovers Series. This bundle contains "IN DANTE'S DEBT", "LAZARO'S REVENGE".In an effort to save the floundering Galvan Enterprises, Dante immediately begins settling all of the company's debtor accounts. When he arrives on the Collingsworth farm he's greeted by a headstrong beauty named Daisy. The rumors surrounding her farm lead him to distrust every word that slips from her luscious lips. But the passion she exudes as she argues with him soon threatens to replace the last of his coherent thoughts with an intense yearning he tries desperately to deny. Against his better judgment, Dante begins to consider helping the fiery woman standing before him. And just when all hope seems lost for the Collingswood farm, Dante makes Daisy an offer she'd be a fool to refuse. (c)KEIKO KISHIMOTO/JANE PORTER(c)KEIKO KISHIMOTO/JANE PORTER-GASKINS