Let's Fall in Love Naked | Sui Souda : uroco | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
"Will you buy my silence with a kiss?" He sees her naked and asks her for a kiss in return for not telling anyone about it! She doesn't want to...... so why's her heart beating so fast......? Akari forgets to arrange for gas fitting work and ends up having to go to a bathhouse in her new neighborhood on the same day she moves into a new apartment. There she meets Haru, a boy of around her age who works at the reception. She starts taking off her clothes feeling a little awkward, and Haru sees her naked by accident! She gets upset but decides to forget it after realizing that she won't see him again unless she goes back to the bathhouse. However, it turns out that he's her new classmate at the school she transfers to...! What's going to happen to her school life!?