[Bundle] Cathy Williams Best Selection Vol.1 | [artist]Junko Okada : Takane Yonetani : Yukako Midori [original novel]Cathy Williams | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Collects: Accidental Mistress, Caribbean Desire, and Vengeful SeductionLisa was having a vacation in sunny Spain when she was involved in a car accident. The owner of the car, Angus Hamilton, takes her to the hospital. Angus turns out to be a man of high society-someone whose path Lisa would never have crossed if it wasn't for this accident. Even after her wounds are healed, she cannot stop thinking about the man she only met once. Then one day, Lisa receives an invitation from Angus to join him on a cruise ship. She would normally decline, but something makes her accept this surprising invitation....(c)JUNKO OKADA/CATHY WILLIAMS(c)TAKANE YONETANI/CATHY WILLIAMS(c)YUKAKO MIDORI/CATHY WILLIAMS