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Collect Love and Revenge story! This content includes "Bought: the Greek's Baby", "Lone Star Seduction", "Shotgun Bridegroom".Movie production company associate Grace isn't happy with her new boss, Mitch - he used his fortune to take over the company. Faced with the dilemma of searching for filming locations alone with him, Grace is determined not to let her guard down. However, as the two trek through the great open wilderness, she comes into contact with an unexpected side of Mitch. He appears arrogant, but perhaps there is kindness behind that mask, after all. Shortly after that revelation, the two find themselves in an accident, their car engulfed in flames! With nothing but nature surrounding them and the starry sky above, Grace and Mitch have no choice but to work together to survive.(c)NATSUE OGOSHI/JENNIE LUCAS(c)YOKO IWASAKI/HARLEQUIN ENTERPRISES IIB.V./S.a.r.l.(c)KAZUMI TOJO/DAY TOTTON SMITH