Bikes Instore
Case Info.: Bikes Instore was a brand new business starting from scratch, with no website and no social presence. Bikes Instore saw a gap in the marketing but needed guidance around how and where to start, with the dream of turning his passion into a full time job. The first step was to design & develop a state of the art website, with a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to follow. A long term SEO plan was put in place to build Google Search presence, and a Social strategy was put in place to begin building brand awareness, and to drive some quick traffic through the site. Since starting, the site has moved 2,979 positions up the Google rankings. In just the last 4 months, organic traffic has increased 200% and growing. Brief Summary: To kick off a brand new business in the online space, build brand awareness and build visibility in Google search to drive online sales. Solution: Premium website design & development; Nationally targeted SEO campaign; Social media awareness campaign; Social media traffic campaign