For a Body That Gets Busy 24/7
Your body is on fire and workin’ all the time. Introducing the Breath of Fire one piece for every body in our spectacular Art Deco-inspired Mosaic Mudra! We took the bodysuit from basic to brilliant. Your inner feminine kaleidoscope shines in the complex yet deliberate patterns of Mosaic Mudra, and coupled with side mesh paneling for plenty of breath with every moment, you’ll definitely have that wake-you- up sex appeal! The confidence of one piece coverage and just the right amount of rise in cut for the leg line still keeps our body suit ballet classy yet full of moxie in our trademark Daughters of Style it solo or with endless possibilities: layers of shorts, leggings, tights, flowy tops, or whatever you feel like! STYLE IN PHOTOGRAPH / BREATH OF FIRE BODYSUITE {MOSAIC MUDRA} STYLE IN PHOTOGRAPH / BREATH OF FIRE BODYSUITE {MOSAIC MUDRA} Stylist/Designer: Peggy Khoucasian / Writer: Christie Cole Photographer: Shawna Wilson / Yogi:
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