How to add a loft conversion to a period property | | Cosy Home Blog
If you need more space in your home and don't want to move, having a loft conversion is a popular option. But if your happen to live in a period property, is the process as straightforward as it is for modern homes? We take a look at what you need to know to add a loft conversion to your period home. Do you have a suitable space to convert? One of the benefits of owning a period home is that you may be more likely to have a suitable attic space that can be developed. Compared to some modern homes that are built with small or low lofts, properties such as those in Edwardian or Victorian style, tend to have roomy attics with good roof pitch, making them ripe for conversion. Do you need planning permission? In most cases, planning permission isn't needed for a loft conversion, as it comes under permitted development. For permitted development, your conversion will have to meet certain requirements, such as not exceeding 40 cubic metres for terraced homes or 50 cubic metres for semi