Velvet underground: how to use velvet in your home for a luxurious and cosy feel | | Cosy Home Blog
When it comes to adding depth and texture to your soft furnishings, velvet is a versatile choice. We take a look at all things velvet-y, including some of our favourite accessories. Image: Calvin armchair by Atkins and Thyme What is velvet? True velvet is a thick and heavy woven fabric, traditionally made from cotton or silk. All the cut threads are pulled through to one side of the fabric, creating a short dense pile which has a distinctively soft, smooth feel. These days, velvet is often made with a mixture of polyester and silk or cotton, to make the fabric more robust and easier to care for. Velveteen has a shorter, looser nap and feels less smooth. Image: Pixabay What about velveteen? Velveteen is essentially 'fake velvet'. It has a much shorter pile and feels less smooth, and is made from either cotton or synthetic fibres or a mixture. It's easier to care for, and generally much cheaper. Which to choose If you're aiming for a luxurious feel or want to add texture, then nothing