Dog-gone cosy: an interview with Christine Chau of Charley Chau luxury dog bedding | | Cosy Home Blog
Like most dog owners, I like to make sure my precious pooch has the life of Riley. As he's getting on a bit and is a little arthritic, a soft, cosy bed is a real must. At the end of the day, though, what I really want is a dog bed that will be practical, comfortable and still look good in my home - I don't want to be tripping over some plastic monstrosity in the kitchen. Step forwards Christine Chau of Charley Chau luxury dog bedding, who it seems eight years ago created her company out of a desire to fulfil that exact need. (l to r) Co-founders Christine and Jenny Chau. (C) Charley Chau "My background is in communications and I spent fifteen years working in the City in London for large financial institutions and moved into the public sector where I ran the Mayor of London's marketing, events and sponsorship in the run up to London 2012," explains Christine. A far cry from doggy soft furnishings! According to Christine, a dog bed should enhance your interior decor rather than