Top ten Halloween-inspired home accessories | | Cosy Home Blog
Image: Pixabay With the nights drawing in, it'll soon be the end of October - and that means Hallowe'en. More correctly known as All Hallows Eve, this ancient festival has pagan roots and marked the end of summer and the harvest season. The ancient Celts believed that on this night, particularly at midnight, the doors opened between this world and the next so that spirits could pass through. This is the tradition behind our modern wearing of masks at Hallowe'en, as if you had to leave your house in pagan times you'd be sure to go disguised so that spirits couldn't recognise you as one of the living. These days, the greatest danger you'll have to face at Hallowe'en is probably groups of children looking for sweets - so why not stay indoors and embrace your darker side with these stylish, quirky and fun home accessories? 1. Skull table lamp, Smithers of Stamford Skull table lamp, Smithers of Stamford If you're after a talking point for a side table, then this skull lamp is the very