How to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary | | Cosy Home Blog
A neutral colour scheme will help create a calming effect. Lift it with splashes of colour. Image: Pixabay You know that moment when you step into your room at a nice hotel and instantly relax? Yes, partly that's because you're on a break and you know you'll be dining rather than cooking and chilling out rather than cleaning, but it's also because a hotel room is uncluttered, calm and tidy. Here's our guide to recreating that feeling in your own home. Declutter A bedroom knee-deep in magazines, straggling electric lamp cords and general debris will never feel calm or welcoming. Start by stripping everything out of the room that's not conducive to an air of sanctuary. Anything to do with work, or things like cookery books that belong in other parts of the house need to go. Everyone has to mix the ideal with the practical, and if you're short on storage space then you may not have much option for storing things in the bedroom, but try to get them out of sight. Invest in some under