Sparkling Eugenia Txakoli
The txakoli sparkling Eugenia we must taste fresh at a temperature of between 5 ° and 7 ° C. This txakoli makes an excellent pairing with dishes of eggs, white meats (chicken, turkey, pork ...), seafood and fish grilled, sausages as chorizo, salchichón or ham, cheeses of cow, pasta, rice and other multiple elaborations. Likewise, it is a special txakoli to enjoy in appetizers or desserts, as well as for celebrations and special occasions. When it comes to preserving this sparkling wine, nothing better than a dark place, away from light and constant temperature. This txakoli we recommend to taste it in the next two years, after this period, the sparkling txakoli Eugenia will lose some of its unique characteristics. This sparkling txakoli has a low alcohol content, barely 11 °, being a joyful and refreshing wine, characteristic of the variety.