Organic vanila chocolate rooibos
The organic chocolate and vanilla rooibos English Tea Shop is a sweet tea rich in antioxidants from South-Africa. It is made from a delicious blend of organic rooibos, organic vanilla and pieces of organic natural chocolate. The rooibos, unlike other teas, does not have caffeine or theine. This organic rooibos is inside of the label of quality of Soil Organic Association, which guarantees the origin of the plant. Its method of cultivation is organic and it is not possible to use pesticides and fertilisers of chemical origin. We can enjoy the rooibos in cold or hot. The rooibos, just like other teas, has a lot of benefits to the health, it should be noted that is really positive for lossing weight as well as for improving digestive problems. It has lots of minerals and antioxidants, besides being excellent for diabetics and hypertension.