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A rare opportunity for a business in a box.What it is; selling local magazine advertising to businesses with premier magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Health and many more with a twist. You have access to a parent company that will do all the work for you, including giving you leads. All you have to do is contact the company, they will do the rest. After you introduce the company to them which is by email they will contact the company, sell to the company and even create the ads. You get paid commission and commission on every ad they place after that! This company has a huge buying force which is why they can offer such great prices to the advertiser.Giving small businesses in the USA access to advertise on the world's premium publication Locally! For a price they can afford... High impact branding for a business, whether it's health related, food related, or fashion etc. On magazines like Health, Forbes and Entrepreneur.For upscale businesses wanting to be on those magazines, but