Martin Audio - LE100 - Bruut Geluid
The LE100 is an extremely compact, two-way passive monitor. It features a 12” (300mm) LF /1” (25mm) exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion driver to distribute sound evenly over the listening plane. The LF driver section has a 2.5” (65mm) voice coil and an efficient motor system with an aluminium demodulating ring to minimise distortion. The coaxial HF driver utilises a 1.75” (44mm) polyimide dome and features a low-compression phase-plug to reduce non-linearity associated with overly-high compression ratios. Features Compact, two-way stage monitor Coaxial ‘point-source’ performance Differential Dispersion™ technology for consistent coverage Defined, near-rectangular coverage plane at head-height Low-profile plywood enclosure Integral pole-mount with removable bung M8 rigging inserts Multiple connectors for flexible deployment Applications Stage monitor Pole-mounted fill/PA system