*This title is free for Brilliant TV members.* Join Graham Cooke & Shawn Bolz as they teach & commission you to cultivate the power of expectation into a lifestyle in Christ! We aspire to great things but are often daunted by the process of achieving them. In the kingdom, the gap between aspiration and achievement is development, where the process begins when we know who Jesus is for us and is concluded when we know who we are in Him. Our real battle is with hope. Hope is the favorable and confident expectation of good, a capacity to look forward with assurance and partner with God in the fulness of that He intends for you. And it's fruit is a lifestyle of EXPECTATION! During this 21 episode journey, this lifestyle of expectation will engulf your circumstances and overwhelm your heart—creating new patterns of thought and life! Enroll now & start this journey today! * This streaming option will only be available for a limited time. ** The trailer above was the promo for the live event. Jonathan David and Melissa Helser's worship sessions are not included in this product. ***Buy now above OR subscribe to Brilliant TV for access to this series & 100+ more hours of teaching!