Trending Bridal Hair
Wedding day. It's every little girl's dream and it's now become your reality. With so much planning, scheduling, decorating, and cake tasting, have you thought about what hairstyle you want on your wedding day? Your entire ensemble is extremely important on this big day, as your pictures will framed on your wall for many decades to come. If you've been sweating this and can't figure out some good bridal hairstyles to rock on your big day, use this as a starting point. Here are 5 bridal hairstyles that you can't go wrong with. 1. Soft Curls A soft curl is elegant and romantic and also laid back. While the soft curl wedding hairstyle is beautiful and comfortable, it won't leave you checking to see if you have lost one of the ten thousand bobby pins that have been placed in your hair like with other wedding hairstyles. Think this one is right for your big day? Talk to your hairstylist plenty of months in advance to start bouncing some ideas off each other and so that you can get his or her professional opinion on what kind of prep needs to be done. For girls with thin, fine hair you may find that you will rock this look best investing in some hair extensions or utilizing a hair growth/thickening treatment like Kenra's Platinum Thickening Conditioner in the months before. Talk to your stylist and get their professional opinion so you look great on the big day. 2. Floral Pinned Updo A professionally executed updo can be one of the most stunning hairstyles you have on your wedding day. What makes it even better is pinning delicate flowers around it for beautiful accents. A good pre-wedding hair appointment tip is to bring in a picture of your color scheme at your consultation and trial run so that your hairstylist can use their professional opinion (or just take your direction) and select the right colored flowers to pin in your hairstyle. Whether you want just a few flowers strewn here and there or a whole bouquet atop your head, floral accents are a great bridal hairstyle choice. 3. Dipped in Diamonds While there will be one main diamond focus on your big day (the ring!) it can't hurt to add a few extra ones here and there for good measure, right? Consider adding (fake) diamond accents to your hairstyle to really catch the light while you say your