The Huge Harambe Program | Blaine Sumner
This is the only program in the world offered in honor of our humble fallen comrade, Harambe. In all seriousness, this program was designed for the off-season lifter or athlete looking to maintain proficiency in compound movements while adding serious mass through 12 weeks of targeted hypertrophy. This is a low frequency program for the compound movements and moderate frequency for body parts. Complete with planned drop sets to pack on muscle in your off-season before you begin one of the meet prep programs. This is a program I have run the past 3 years as an extended off-season block when I feel that I have reached my muscular horsepower capacity and need to increase my cross-sectional muscle area through hypertrophy gains. Summary of the Huge Harambe Program: 12 Weeks 5X/Week training 1X Squat, 2X Bench, 1X Deadlift each week 2X Upper/Lower split each week Higher emphasis on volume with Priority #1 movements Medium deload every 4th week Macrocycle: Off-Season phase Mesocycle: Muscle building and Hypertrophy Microcycles: 4 Weeks of very high volume and hypertrophy building 4 Weeks of a high volume and hypertrophy continuation 4 Weeks of high volume and hypertrophy realization