Desert Tech HTI Rifle - Black, FDE, and Black/FDE
The Desert Tech HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) is similar to the SRS-A1 but on steroids. It was designed to operate under the harshest conditions and takes abuse with a smile. Features The DT HTI uses high-impact polymers, aircraft grade aluminum (7075-T6), and ultra high strength steels. Just like all Desert Tech bolt action rifles, the Desert Tech HTI maintains an accuracy of ½ MOA because of the match-grade barrels. These match grade barrels are meticulously chambered and crowned, are 100% free floating, and the rock solid return-to-zero mounting system. This mounting system also allows for quick barrel swaps that can all be done in the field. The Desert Tech HTI is a perfectly balanced bullpup design that makes it a whole foot shorter and 12 lbs lighter than the famous M107 that is currently used by the US Army. The HTI comes with one 5 round magazine, threaded barrel, muzzle brake, picatinny rail sections, and your choice of caliber Calibers & Colors Caliber: .375 CT, .408 CT, .416 BAR, or .50 BMG Colors: Black, Black/FDE, and full Flat Dark Earth.