Here’s Why India is a Land much Stranger than Stranger Things!
What did one desi parent say to the other? They may have a hit TV show, but they’re still Duffers! Welcome to the land of snake charmers with diamond encrusted turbans and farmers with diamond encrusted nooses. Cult in making as it may be, Stranger Things as a show doesn’t hold a candle when it comes to India. After all, we’re one State where fact has always been stranger than fiction. Have your doubts? Well that’s okay. Go through the following list once before you make up your mind. Friend’s Don’t Lie Remember the time when Mike, Lucas and Dustin made this legendary promise to Eleven about never lying to each other? Well move over Stranger Things fanatics because the very premise of making truthful promises to each other is tale much older than Rajinikanth's film career back in India. From Mummy Kasam to Pinky promise, our Janam Janam Ke Vaade hold much more virtue and value than flimsy pop culture ones. Here the stakes go further and beyond your average nosebleed. Here, you will die a slow painful death if you refuse to fulfil them. But then again, burning in the wraiths of hell doesn’t seem so bad. As long as I get to take my marshmallow along, that is. Hello From The Upside! You know it. Don’t be shy now! Alternate universe, portals to crazy land, man with elephant ears. Of course, it’s PK I’m talking about. Upside Down has nothing on Rajasthan. Afterall, kon Jaaney Kya Dikh Jaye? Sorry shape shifting and random telekinesis powers, I can’t hear you over the awesomeness of a naked beatboxing humanoid alien. In the Stranger Things universe, Eleven transcended portals to win one final fight. Pfft. Back in desi-land, our friendly neighbourhood alien questioned the beef ban without being made to bow down to the Gau Mata propaganda, hands tied, knees bend. Your move Hawkins, your move. Where did the Eggo? I see your Eggos and I raise you Parle G. At one side we have the mysteriously bitchin’ Eleven and on the other, we have an age defying Parle G Girl, perpetually flummoxed about what she's doing on the goddamn wrapper. It’s a no brainer, really. The love for these biscuits, whether dipped in chai, milk or cyanide transcends pretty much everything. Marriages have been broken, lovers have been scorned, best friends have been killed(or maybe that’s just me) over a single piece of this arguable elixir of youth. Demogor-what? Interdimensional travel, haphazard bloodsucking coupled with inhuman strength. Vikram aur Betaal much? Humanoid flower who hasn’t visited the dentist in ages (read demogorgon) vs Bleachy Vampire cum wannabe zombie droning you out with half-arsed riddles, much worse than your calculus classes. No competition at all! So ladies, gentlemen and the not so gentle men, just remember that Upside Down may simply be a faraway land in the Stranger Things Universe. But india? Well, it’s more than a way of life. It’s bitchin’.