Fundas para iPhone y Samsung diseñadas por Paula Ohreen | ArtsCase
I'm a dance demon, neat freak, flower lover, home reno junkie, Skillshare addict, and for as far back as I can remember my best friend has called me MacGyver.‚ÄčI started studying surface pattern design in 2015 and instantly fell in love. Since then I haven't a moments peace - I can't watch telly or go for a walk without seeing potential patterns everywhere. It's not even safe around the house as I'll find patterns in shadows, in the pollen gathered on the skylights and even on the cardboard centre of a paper towel roll.Most of my work is done in Adobe Illustrator as I love the sharp lines and lack of cleanup - although I am currently working on some hard-edge paintings in acrylic as well as some watercolour patterns - so keep an eye out for future works in these mediums. I'm also a huge fan of black ink and most of my flower patterns start out in plain black ink on white paper. My most recent love is kid's patterns, so I'll be producing more of those in 2019.Take care,Paula
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