Estuches para iPhone y Samsung diseñadas por Ninola Design | ArtsCase
Ninola developes projects of handmade illustration and pattern design on different surfaces. Ninola means to create by revealing the potential of a joyful spirit, by setting free the forgotten child that lies within all of us, honestly and without prejudices, figuring out new ways of expression, in a constant search for the non-existent yet, for the unexpected and surprising, the emotion of playing and enjoyment, enthusiasm, the might of colors and the naïve curiosity of innocence.Patience, care, reflection, love for the detail, expertise are present in everything she does. Ninola praises the spirit of the artisans, their workshops, the arts & crafts, handmade, the vernacular wisdom. By reinterpreting ancient techniques and know-hows and suiting them to modernity, the inherited beauty, where we all depart from, is protected.As an artist, she loves painting and illustrating, playing and experiencing with textures and shades, releasing her hand in an intuitive and boundless way. Thus the rivers of watercolors and inks are her most beloved way of expression, their randomness and inaccuracy, the inherent element of luck and surprise, making each work unrepeatable, each one a spontaneous order… Where colors flow. De Spain
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