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Hello! I’m Ella, and I’m an artist currently based in Toronto. I love to bring stories to life with my trusty ballpoint pen! Most of my art features wildlife, for which I have an endless fascination and admiration for. The biodiversity of this planet is awe-inspiring, and I hope my drawings help to capture some of its beauty, and to give it a little bit more of the attention and appreciation it deserves.I try to capture the whimsical worlds of animals, whose lives are so utterly different from our own, but who are also strangely similar to us in many ways. I’m also inspired by old folk stories and fairy tales, especially the animals in them, who often serve as protectors, guides, or companions.And then, or course, is the space beyond our planet, which is just as beautiful and amazing. Drawing the stars is my own way of exploring that great infinite unknown beyond the sky. From Canada
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