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At the age of 38 years old, Diego Tirigall has achieved goals he never imagined he would reach. Thanks to his highly versatile art, San has managed to stand alongside some of the most recognized artists in Latin America and the world. With an eclectic and distinctive mark, he has already gained attention on different continents France, UAE, India, Brazil, United States, Canada and Japan are among the countries where his artworks are exhibited.Diego Tirigall does not limit himself to the traditional work of the artist. Instead, through his designs, he is constantly seeking to uniquely adapt everyday objects on the premise that art should be displayed in every possible way. Among his diverse works, some are characterized by the innovation and uniqueness that only his designs can embrace, such as Around the World in Thirteen maps of his Wood Collection and Wild World of his Ink Collection. Patterns, shapes and colors inspired by nature excel in his exceptional portfolio.Little is known about him, but there is no doubt that his talent for creating such varied artworks makes him an artist who lives in a constant reinvention From Argentina
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